Lake Berryessa Long loop. Recorded 21 August 2005. Running time 27:44. (105M (Requires WMP10.0)
This video is rather long, so a legend is warranted
1:00guy on the Vulcan
4:55Dan and Jim
5:07guy stalled in the road
7:50water crossings (dry)
8:30Dan attempts a bad pass
8:50Solo ride
13:40missed turn (damnable bump then dip in the braking zone)
14:52Solo ride continues with "The Pusher"
19:35Catching Ken (superfast part)
If you find you want to skip around (I realize it's a long video ;) ), I highly recommend you check out the deer, riding behind Jim and Dan for at least some of it, some of the solo ride (btw, if you're not a fan of Ministry, skip ahead to "The Pusher" from Steppenwolf), and then watch from 19:35 (Catching Ken) to the end. Especially make sure you check out the Credits. Like I said, it's my favorite part of the video.

Oh, the other part I love is the mix as I catch up to Ken. That whole segment, actualy, with where the music stops, too, is really super-sweet.

Sturgis Rally Reunion. Recorded 7-13 August 2005. Running time 13:19. (273.5M, 197.4M, 50M Requires WMP10.0)

California's Route 128 aboard a 2003 Triumph Sprint ST. Recorded 15-May-2005. Running Time 7:01. (77.4M, 11.7M)

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